Urban regeneration at Catanzaro (Italy)

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A "Multifunctional Bridge" connecting the city.


An Urban regeneration project of Catanzaro Lido district that integrates existing buildings with new buildings that as a bridge responds to current needs of urban flow for functions and human relationships.
A MasterPlan defines the pathways and spaces for relationships, restoring the wide pedestrian island ranging from the "Corso Progresso" main street until to the Seafront and to the "Piazza Garibaldi" square. The new building connects and extends the pedestrianized island with the large multifunctional center beyond the railway line and reaching the street "Via Nazionale"  to continue toward the north part of the city. The design of the flooring with alternating strips of  stones and grass, features the pedestrian areas and interprets the urban fabric through its generating axes.
.The so-called "Multifunctional bridge", facilite the dynamic flows between the two edges of the breaking line caused by the railways and it has a volume characterized on the plan by a rectangle of approximately 70 x 200 meters, perpendicular to the railroad tracks. The volume of the new building is divided along the diagonal in two halfs, one of which appears as a basically open space and is crossed by walkways, while the other part is an entirely covered space. For its vertical development, the new building research the relation with the surrounding urban fabric, low at North and high at South, toward the sea. The new building, in fact, has a maximum size of 8 meters of high on the North side, rising gradually up to 34 meters of high on the South side, crossing the surrounding buildings of a measure just enough to offer a panoramic view over "Squillace" Gulf. The complex fulfills a variety of functions including an Intermodal station, Centers for Municipality, Culture, Trades, Shows, Fairs, Parking as well as a Roof park with spaces for relax, sits and etc.


Catanzaro, Italy






2005 - 2006






arch. Rosario Fabio Alfieri, arch. Ivan Alfieri.



Pianificazione e progettazione di un intervento di rigenerazione della città e di un edificio Multifunzionale.



Rosario Fabio Alfieri


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