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We are looking for exceptional people to join our innovative, international team. There are a wide range of opportunities, in both design and design support roles. 

Our studio is made up of experienced professionals from a range of disciplines. The culture of the practice is open and dynamic and we welcome the very best talent from around the globe.







Graduate with expertise in the use of the main design software, architectural modeling and rendering. Notably, knowledge in the use of the Software ArchiCAD is required.




Graduate with expertise in the design of systems and calculation of reinforced concrete structures, steel structures and wooden structures.Expertice in the use of the main engineering design softwares and accounting of construction softwares.




Experience in the design and drafting of communication tools for printing and for web. Expertise on implementing communication campaigns, managing web portals. Candidate should also be able to make video, presentations and layouts of technical drawings and documentations.​



Viale dei Conti Falluc 70/A

I-88100 Catanzaro, Italy

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