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Sila EcoPark / City of Sciences

A Unique Museum in wood


The "Sila Eco Parco" is a Park of Environmental Education in Sila Piccola, in the Municipality of Taverna (Catanzaro), Italy.

In the heart of the Sila Eco Park is located an unique museum in wood dedicaed to the environmental sciences and named "The City of Environmental Science - Fata: the village of elements".

The museum is designed as a permanent dissemination center that offers new educational opportunities and valorisation of the territory through the creation of an attraction pole aimed primarily at school tourism. An innovative space designed to stimulate the public's interest in scientific and environmental culture, while promoting the natural resources of the Sila Montains.


Taverna (Catanzaro), Italy



2.400 sq.m.



2014 - 2015



Municipality of Taverna



arch. Ivan Alfieri (leader), arch. Rosario Fabio Alfieri, arch. Giuliana De Fazio, arch. Agazio Zofrea, geol. Angelo Stamile, Ing. Enrico Spagnolo 



Park and museum planning and  design



Rosario Fabio Alfieri

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